Founded by award-winning researcher, author, and facilitator, Dr. Lisa Belanger, ConsciousWorks delivers innovative and cutting-edge methods for living life to full potential, both professionally and personally.

Backed by scientific research and delivered in approachable formats, ConsciousWorks defines “HOW” change efforts can be incorporated to make radical, positive life changes, and “WHY” incorporate these changes (beneficial outcomes). Through an increased level of awareness, empowerment, and skill set for incorporating defined daily habits, radical life changes are developed for better performance, relationships, and overall health and wellbeing.

ConsciousWorks’ proven success has helped hundreds of corporations, leaders, employees, students, and athletes reach their true potential through sustained, life-long behavior change.

For Leaders

Change starts at the top.

Leadership roles are quite demanding and what you say and do, matters. We teach leaders how to incorporate effective habits and how to positively influence behaviors within the workplace.

Based on research, analytics, and working with HR departments, our programs are tailored to the needs of the leadership and management team. Through strengthening targeted habits, results will include; increased energy and performance, time management, economic growth, thriving workplace, strong and positive social circles and increased awareness of employee management.

For Employees

The workplace can be demanding of time and energy. If life is off balance and poor habits unrecognized outcomes can result in low energy, stress, depression, weight gain, and poor productivity, even effecting relationships both in personal life and in the workplace.

Through our various programs, we will work directly with employees to develop key habits for increased energy, productivity, quality results, time management for avoiding burn out, safety, and build economic growth through a thriving workplace.

For Athletes

Athletic performance demands both mental and physical fortitude, continually relying on energy, focus, and determination. Without the proper structure, knowledge, and guidance, athletes commonly deal with burn out and poor recovery.

Our science-based programs are supported with knowledge in Exercise Physiology and Sports Psychology, bringing body awareness to athletes and simple steps to integrate positive habits for optimal results; better sleep management, understanding areas of physical stress, optimal rest, and understanding (and how to cope with) emotional and mental stress. Through proper guidance, athletes will be able to transfer their developed habits and sports skills to education, personal development, and employment.


Did you know that most people throughout Canada and the US have spent their last 10 years in sickness?

ConsciousWorks is passionate about helping individuals reach optimal performance to enjoy a fulfilled life, both personally and professionally. We focus on small, strategic changes that you have control over that will create the most impact. We integrate behavioral science to create lifelong habits bringing you closer to your definition of success.

How do we do that?

Our intentions, on average only predict 30% of our actions. We are here to close the gap.

Daily decisions affect all outcomes and significantly impacts health, productivity, and overall happiness. By using behavioural science, ConsciousWorks creates awareness between the actions of what is intended and what actually gets done while building the habits that build actions towards success.

Client Feedback

  • Excellent speaker! Loved her passions and enthusiasm.

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