Designed from the latest discoveries in behavioral science, our courses are designed to deliver strategies directed to specific groups and industries.

Today, more than ever, our performance and overall well-being is continually being challenged, effecting work, relationships, and personal success.

Our interactive workshops are research-based and action-focused to deliver information on key habits for peak performance. The workshops also include behavior change science to ensure these key habits become long term and sustainable change.

Each course is designed for students, professionals, and athletes to get the most out of their time, focusing on habits that will provide the greatest impact for their investment. These habits will help make you healthier, happier, more creative and resilient.

Courses are offered in person or through an online learning platform and are tailored to each specific industry, company, and audience. Further, they’re only one hour each. You can use in-person workshops as a “Lunch and Learn” series or if you choose the online option, you can watch them during your gym break, your lunch hour, or on your commute.



Key Mindset

Creating Habits for Productivity, Mental Strength, and Success – Learning to Thrive in University

Develop the mindset to thrive in a hectic, competitive, and often stressful environment. Our six-week online course will teach students how to be successful in the classroom with increased productivity, prioritizing, avoiding procrastination, and how to deal with stressful situations beyond the classroom.

This course uses scientifically proven methods to decrease stress and burnout and improve overall health, happiness, and well-being.

Program Highlights

  • Building Mental Strength: A proactive approach to mental health and peak performance
  • Rule Your Health: From intention to action create positive health habits that last
  • Habits to feel better and get more done

The Habitual

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