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Welcome to ConsciousWorks, a consulting firm lead by award-winning CEO, Dr. Lisa Belanger, designed to strengthen and improve habits of leaders, professionals, students, and athletes, for long-term personal and professional growth.

During these uncertain times of COVID-19, our team has been adapting our material for a maximum impact for enduring life changes. Our calendar and our offerings have temporarily changed, but our commitment to developing education plans for building mental health strategies and incorporating life-changing habits, remain the same.

All live and in-person keynotes and workshops have been cancelled or postponed, however, we are still booking for future events. The material that our team covers has been adapted to share online with groups, and with the opportunity of customization. Please call (1.403.812.1556) or view our new list of online workshops.

Let us help you and your team navigate these unfamiliar waters. ConsciousWorks is here for you during these uncertain times.


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Lisa Bélanger
Behaviour Change Expert
CEO of ConsciousWorks

Researcher, author and award-winning CEO of ConsciousWorks, Dr. Lisa Belanger delivers proven success from working with hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs, and athletes, incorporating simple life habits for creating radical long-term change.

Dedicated to creating positive change within companies and individual lives, Lisa is at the forefront of delivering the latest in behavioral science into approachable content for increasing happiness, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

Adverse habits can easily accumulate throughout life, slowly interrupting and depleting our performance and causing issues such as lack of motivation, decreased engagement and productivity, depression, memory loss, and anxiety, causing a ripple effect through all areas in life. ConsciousWorks creates awareness of problematic habits, empowering individuals to integrate simple steps for radical, long-term life change.

Our Programs

Backed by scientific studies, our programs are designed to fit unique needs of leaders, professionals, students, and athletes for delivering radical life-changing outcomes. Delivered in an engaging and approachable format, participants are empowered to continue with incorporating positive habits for long-term success.

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Lisa Belanger
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 / Published in Behaviour Change, Education
Here at ConsciousWorks, we are at the cutting edge of the interplay between health, productivity and success. We work with corporations to effectively invest in their employees’ health and wellness, not just to save money on sick days, stress leave and medical costs but also to make money by increasing employee engagement, productivity, focus and

Client Feedback

  • Lisa's presentation on productivity taught our group that making key changes or choices about our basic behaviour will allow us to use our time and energy most effectively. She presented the content with research and statistics paired with stories, humour and enthusiasm. Her presentation left the audience with key, tangible take-aways to get more done or more importantly get the same amount done in less time so we can do more of what we love with whom we love.
    Chris Russell, Partner, Collins Barrow

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