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Welcome to ConsciousWorks, a consulting firm lead by award-winning CEO, Dr. Lisa Belanger, designed to strengthen and improve habits of leaders, professionals, students, and athletes, for long-term personal and professional growth.

Our Approach

Backed by scientific research and delivered in approachable formats, ConsciousWorks defines “HOW” change efforts can be incorporated to make radical, positive life changes, and “WHY” incorporate these changes (beneficial outcomes). Through an increased level of awareness, empowerment, and skill set for incorporating defined daily habits, radical life changes are developed for better performance, relationships, and overall health and wellbeing

During COVID-19

As businesses shift to working remotely during COVID-19, our team has been adapting our material and bringing our resources, keynotes and consultation services online. Our commitment to developing education plans for building mental health strategies and incorporating life-changing habits, remain the same. ConsciousWorks is here to help you and your team.


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Cup Of Minfulness Book Cover

Getting started with Mindfulness.

Have you heard about mindfulness and not sure it’s for you? Don't know where to start? Relatively small practices can yield powerful results—just ask the professional athletes, CEOs and academics who use mindfulness to their competitive advantage. 

A Cup of Mindfulness: For the Busy & Restless

Through leading-edge science and a bit of humour, Dr. Lisa Belanger describes how to practice mindfulness to relieve stress and recharge and refocus in minutes by making simple changes to the way you are doing things every day, such as drinking coffee, taking a shower or driving to work.

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Our Programs

Backed by scientific studies, our programs are designed to fit unique needs of leaders, professionals, students, and athletes for delivering radical life-changing outcomes. Delivered in an engaging and approachable format, participants are empowered to continue with incorporating positive habits for long-term success.

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Alex Duszynski
Monday, 28 September 2020 / Published in Burnout, Education
Life is relentless; our time and energy are constantly being pulled in multiple directions, which can leave us feeling tired, overwhelmed, exhausted, and perhaps not as engaged or present in the parts of our lives that matter most.

Client Feedback

  • Lisa's presentation on productivity taught our group that making key changes or choices about our basic behaviour will allow us to use our time and energy most effectively. She presented the content with research and statistics paired with stories, humour and enthusiasm. Her presentation left the audience with key, tangible take-aways to get more done or more importantly get the same amount done in less time so we can do more of what we love with whom we love.
    Chris Russell, Partner, Collins Barrow

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