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When life has been flipped upside down with COVID-19, we want to be there to support you and your team. These virtual sessions were created to share the value of proactive mental health strategies and improve business outcomes using brain science.

We are happy to work with you to customize any of them according to your industry or other specific needs. Backed by science, our workshops are designed for leaders and professionals and delivered by experts in an engaging and approachable format.


1. The Science of Daily Resilience: Practical Skills for Mental Strength and Productivity. (1-1.5 hours)

Life was already chaotic before the pandemic. Throw in uncertainty, change, endless negative news cycles, and more distractions then ever and even the most stable of us start to crack. Take back control by learning about science-backed strategies and practical skills that you can use to stay focused and productive in chaos.

  • How to incorporate short, daily brain practices to improve focus, and refocus after distractions
  • How to deal with uncertainty, change, pressure and negativity
  • Consciously consume media, social media and streaming content
  • How to be productive and demonstrate value while working from home with children, pets, roommates, and significant others
  • Strategies to stay motivated in the realm of endless challenges
  • How, when, and what to do to ensure recovery from stress and work
  • Daily structure and habits for peak performance, brain health, as well as preventing and recovering from burnout
  • Daily and in-the-moment stress-reduction techniques

2. Pay Attention! Fast, Simple Ways to Improve Your Focus (1 hour) 

Are you trying to work in a chaotic environment? Can’t stop reading the news? Having a hard time separating home and work – especially when they are in the same place?

We are often asked for our attention, yet rarely taught how to pay attention. With practice, you can improve your skills to switch-on your conscious attention, so you stay focused, avoid distractions, and be proactive with your mental health. This presentation explores the latest research in psychology and neuroscience in a practical and clear way. Walk away with practices that will help anyone improve their ability to focus, and how to ensure those practices become daily habits.

  • How to incorporate short, daily brain practices to improve focus
  • The different levels of attention and when to use them
  • Research-based strategies on when and how to take breaks to improve productivity, and mental capacity
  • How to pay close attention — even when the task is repetitive or becomes a habit
  • Techniques to help manage stress, improve performance, and enhance mental health

3. Your Brain on Change: How to Manage and Thrive in Rapid Change (1 hour)

Our brains are designed to function best with a delicate balance of monotony and change. Unfortunately, this is not how life works, so how can we set ourselves and our teams up to thrive in periods of change?

Drawing from psychology, behavioural science, and neuroscience, this presentation offers practical insights to help us set up our environment, community, and teams to perform well even in high-stress situations. You will walk away with simple tools to help build resilience, enhance performance and avoid becoming overwhelmed in periods of rapid change.

  • Establish behaviours and thought processes that help us to thrive in both monotony and change
  • Design and implement specific habits to improve focus and manage attention
  • How to fit these practices into busy schedules
  • Steps to setting up an environment and culture to facilitate behaviours that promote wellbeing
  • Effectively manage your mindsets and maintain a positive outlook

4. Strategies for Leaders: Leading Your Team in Times of Rapid Change (1 hour)

Are you unsure about how to lead when the future is so uncertain? Worried about having to let people go? Looking for solutions that benefit both the company and your people? Trying to find ways to reduce anxiety and stress among your staff? A crisis situation or period of rapid and unexpected change often separates the good leaders from the bad. It also presents a golden opportunity for a few leaders to be seen as great. This workshop blends a unique combination of health sciences, emergency management, and business strategy to deliver unique insights tailored specifically for senior managers and leaders.

  • Techniques to keep your employees productive under pressure
  • Lessons from crisis management on managing during extreme circumstances
  • Why it helps your bottom line when leaders focus on caring for employees
  • Tools to protect your team from unnecessary stress and anxiety
  • How to leverage a challenging situation to your advantage
  • Alternatives to layoffs, and other business strategies that help rather than hurt your employees’ wellbeing


What is the maximum number of attendees in each session?

Maximum 200 participants. In order to maximize the value, we encourage you to invite your team members as well as your own clients and partner organizations to join us for these virtual workshops, at no additional cost.

What platform are you using for sessions?

Zoom or if you prefer, we can work with your technology (Hangouts, Microsoft Teams etc).

What is the format of these workshops?

A 45-minute interactive session, followed by a moderated Q&A discussion.

Through an interactive and participatory format, in each workshop, we will address, research, strategize and develop action plans towards behavioural change. The outcome is to create and maintain new habits for increased health and wellness, productivity, and overall success in both personal and professional lives.

Who is presenting this information?

Dr. Lisa Belanger (PhD, CSEP-CEP) is a behaviour change expert, author and the award-winning CEO of ConsciousWorks, Dr. Lisa Belanger delivers proven success from working with hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs, and athletes, incorporating simple life habits for creating radical long-term change. Read more about her profile here.

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