Our wide range of programs is developed from being on the leading edge of behavioral science and understanding the techniques and formats that deliver the best results. During COVID-19 we are supporting our employers and teams with remote consulting and virtual sessions. 

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Helping make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Based on data analysis of the organizations’ profile, consulting programs are customized to integrate health behaviors for economic impact. Health and wellness investments will result in greater return through the improvements in behavioral change targeting positive health habits, integration of wellness communities and programs and leadership training.

Program Highlights

  • Create a company with a health focus and optimize health and wellness investments
  • Data-driven behavioral change based on proven results
  • Communication strategies designed for employee attraction and retention
  • Economic assessment of wellness programming
  • Individual plans with follow-ups

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Empowering solutions made simple.

Tailored keynotes are delivered to the audience, creating awareness and solutions towards habits; how they can work against us, or for us. Taking control over daily habits can result in reaching full success, to be happy, healthy, and more productive, both in professional and personal lives.

Evidence-based research is delivered in approachable and engaging formats, while relating to life situations through storytelling, leaving audiences with material and real-life insight for creating long-term behavioral change.

Program Highlights

  • Building Mental Strength: a proactive approach to mental health and peak performance
  • Rule Your Health: From intention to action, create positive health habits that last
  • Work Better: Habits to feel better and get more done
  • Leadership Behaviors: Change starts from the top
  • Designing Habits for Safety: strategically helping the ‘human factor’

During COVID-19 these can be presented as virtual sessions.

Research & Analytics

Strategies driven by behavioral change science.

Through research and assessment of an organizations’ internal and external behavior, our program will provide metrics, analysis, and solutions for making informed decisions on how to invest in health and wellness for the highest return. This program is dedicated to giving organizations a quantitative and qualitative view into employee wellness, evaluate their programming and determine the success of new programs offered.

Program Highlights

  • Assist organizations’ collect and analyze data for informed decisions on health and wellness investments
  • Appropriate survey measures, data collection under time-sensitive measures
  • Measure efficiency/effectiveness of health and wellness programming (before and after data)
  • Qualitative and qualitative expertise
  • Customized solutions for the company based on findings

Interactive Workshops

Deeper exploration of long-term behavioral change.

We are the sum of our daily habits. The right habits can create the framework for success while poor habits resulting in being unhealthy, unproductive, unsafe, and burnt out.

Though an interactive and participation format, in each workshop we will address, research, strategize and develop actions plans towards behavioral change. The outcome is to create and maintain new habits for increased health and wellness, productivity, and overall success in both personal and professional lives.

Working with the organizing body for each workshop, we will assess the best format based on the group, size of the venue and desired goals. All workshops provide a workbook or workbook handout (depending on size) for takeaway materials to use for long-term growth and development.

Program Highlights

  • Energy Management: Learning about optimal performance
  • Social: Creating the right networks
  • Nutrition: Healthy eating choices
  • Exercise: Fitting movement into a busy schedule
  • Sleep: Gain control over a better sleep
  • Stress Management Through Mindfulness: Ways to reduce stress
  • Habit Development: Creating behaviours that last

Meeting Solutions

Annual Meetings for Continued Growth and Success.

Based on the framework of health and wellness, our customized meetings energize attendees, offering the most current and effective practices for maintaining optimal health and performance. Each event format is fun and memorable, bringing return attendees year after year.

In addition to keynotes, and workshops you can choose to add breakout sessions, unique and energizing breaks (don’t worry, there will still be coffee), customized physical activities that feature the location, team or group activities and meeting legacy projects.

Ideal for groups of 10 to a few thousand attendees.

Program Highlights

  • A Cup of Mindfulness: Mindfulness practice over coffee on breaks
  • Stretching breaks
  • Exercise session for attendees
  • Have menu reviewed by a Registered Dietician
  • Run Group: Feature event location

A portion of ConsciousWorks’ talks, workshops, and consulting services is donated directly to Knight’s Cabin Cancer Retreats.

Client Feedback

  • This is one of the highest ratings I have seen for our conference keynote presentation.
    Patricia Bocangel, Cancer Care Manitoba
  • Excellent speaker! Loved her passions and enthusiasm.
  • A strong feature of Lisa's talk was her obvious passion for the topic - and her humour.

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